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Authentic Childcare Let’s Make it Better Together

Second Helping

Second Helping is an advanced enrichment course for experienced providers. It addresses the key components of family childcare in four 8-hour modules, accompanying a manual for each module.

Second Helping was designed to be a community-based training offered in each area by a certified Second Helping provider-instructor.

The Second Helping modules cover:

-The Provider

-The Business

-The Family

-The Children


Psalms 19:14

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable

in your sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”



I was born to be a TEACHER . . . to Encourage, to Instruct, to Praise, to Guide, to Coach, to Mentor, to Inspire

It’s who I AM . . . it’s in my DNA, my Passion, my Calling, my Ministry, for this is my way of Life.”

Skills Training

Second Helping offers creative coping skills for the challenges of family childcare. The program provides:


  •  A unique self-validation experience

  • Ideas for successfully integrating their families with their business, while safeguarding the family unit

  • Valuable interactions with peers

  • Fine-tuning of communication, assertiveness, and conflict resolution skills

  • Reinforcement of the importance of family childcare providers and their contribution to society

  • Encouragement for individual growth and reflection

  • New or advanced skills that could take years to develop on a trial and error basis

  • A blending of the business and nurturing sides of the family childcare profession

  • Concepts that encourage them to customize their business to meet their lifestyle preference

  • The celebration of individuality and diversity

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