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About us


Mrs. Cynthia's Munchkin Romper Room tries very hard to bring a level of assurance and comfort to the working parent(s) of our community. We try to ensure a level of trust to each parent - that their child is kept safe and secure in our child care environment.

Our goal is to let each family know that all activities are intentionally developmental and age appropriate for each child left in our care.


Our Promise, to each child is to create a genuine feeling of security in our atmosphere and in their environment. Nurturing is where we begin and we watch the children grow and develop at their own pace. At the same time teaching, learning and having fun takes place throughout our daily program.

Our Philosophy, states that we always teach each child to get along independently without the help of the teacher. However, always letting each individual child know that the teacher is always there and available if he/she feels they need some assistance.

Our Program description consists of different activities that stimulate and engage the child's curiousity of the world around them. Our program meets their physical needs and emotional needs so that each child feels safe and secure.

Setting a comprehensive standard that maximizes each child's individual growth and development, we prepare them for their next level of learning.

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