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Melissa Cunningham, MBA

Zoe Walker

C/O 2019

I am more than proud to recommend Cynthia Robinson as a Child Care Provider, as she’s provided exceptional educational skills and structure for my child Zoe of two years. Upon coming to Cynthia’s Munchkin Room, Zoe was unable to articulate, read her ‘ABCs’, and count. After being with Mrs. Cynthia for a total of three months, Zoe can now count to 20, say and acknowledge letters in her children’s books, and articulate what she wants with a touch of manners as she says ‘please’. As our Child Care Provider, we have nothing but positive things to say about her. She took an active role in enhancing the Zoe's education and maturity. Each time I pick Zoe up from daycare or drop her off, Mrs. Cynthia shares an update on my daughter’s development and educational progress.

Zoe attended a different daycare prior to Munchkin Room. Although the daycare had high reviews, I learned that Zoe was not getting the attention she needed for her educational development. When I learned that she spent a total of 1.5 hours in the circle, a time allotted to learning, I immediately removed her. Not to mention, there were quite a few times that I walked in, in the midst of Zoe’s teachers yelling at Zoe and other toddlers. I knew that going forward, Zoe could only be in the care of someone that truly cared for her and her development.

I met Mrs. Cynthia at Nazarene Baptist church, where I found that she holds a Deaconess position. It’s not surprising that she would be elected to take on a position designed to serve and minister to other people. Mrs. Cynthia is a very loving individual, always concerned for the well-being of others, especially the kids at her daycare that she call ‘her children’.

Zoe’s grandmother often expresses how mature Zoe has grown to be since joining Munchkin Room. My family members have all seen a drastic improvement in her educational development as she counts the steps on the staircase or calls out letters seen around the room. As a mother, hearing positive remarks from others about my child leaves me ecstatic. I’m glad that Zoe received the attention and care she needed. You can rest assured in all instances, that the reviews of her performance with the children will always come back very positive from the children and parents.


I’d recommend her services to any parent looking for a quality daycare where the facilitator truly cares for their child as if it were their own.

Warm Regards,

Melissa Cunningham

Mother of Zoe M. Walker

Elaina Cook

Micaela Stokes


I am honored and proud to recommend Cynthia Robinson as a child care provider, as she’s provided integrity, respect, individuality, and uniqueness all the while instilling educational skills for my child Micaela Stokes. Micaela only attended Mrs. Cynthia’s daycare for one year and in that time Micaela gained confidence, courage, gained boldness to not be ashamed to be “DIFFERENT”. Prior to attending Mrs. Cynthia’s daycare Micaela attended a daycare that was exceptional in the beginning in regards to one to one attention, understanding the need to meet the children’s needs as a group developmentally, and age appropriate activities. Over time, that daycare shifted their focus which impacted the quality of service and therefore was not able to meet my child’s needs. Micaela also began to display some anxiety due to the turnover rate of the staff and the negative social interactions amongst the peers she made attempts to interact with.

Mrs. Cynthia attends Nazarene Baptist Church where I also attend (for the past 6 years) and I had not realized that she was the director of her own daycare until Micaela was 5 years old and I was seeking out different childcare possibilities. This was the best recommendation provided by her Godparents because Micaela was able to blossom into the fearless free spirit that she is that was be stunted at the current child care facility at the time. Munchkin Romper Room mission teaches the children to be brave and not ashamed to be the unique individual that you are born to be. Mrs. Cynthia did not just help Micaela, she helped to rebuild and restore the confidence of being a single parent that was slowly being stripped away.


In one year Micaela began recognizing sight words, writing her name, she learned to tie her shoes independently, manners such as “please/ thank you”, and the importance of taking responsibility. Micaela learned to clean up after herself and most importantly try new things. All of these skills helped her to be more prepared for Kindergarten. One rule at Munchkin Romper room is not “not say you don’t like something unless you try it” no matter if it is a task or a different food. More importantly Micaela’s anxiety decreased and that was attributed to Mrs. Cynthia encouraging and teaching Micaela how to express herself that was appropriate for her age level. The skills taught helped to shape and reframe the way Micaela process and express emotions.


Mrs. Cynthia’s Munchkin Romper Room instills lifelong skills that Micaela will always have with her no matter the setting, grade, or social interaction. As a parent my biggest challenge was finding a childcare center that would help foster appropriate social and emotional development in addition to academic exposure in preparation for kindergarten.  Munchkin Romper Room surpassed my expectations as a childcare facility and I can assure you that your child will be cared for with the upmost respect, honor, integrity and most importantly, LOVE.

Sincerely, Elaina Cook

Britt Profant, MA, CCC-SLP



Communicate at Home

As an early intervention speech-language pathologist I have the pleasure of servicing a wide range of communities across Philadelphia. I frequent numerous day care centers, preschools, elementary schools, and Head Start Programs. I have yet to find another educational environment as unique, structured, and supportive as Mrs. Cynthia's. As you enter the Munchkin Romper Room you will immediately be captivated by Mrs. Cynthia's attention to detail--every space, nook, and cranny is utilized in a purposeful and thoughtful way. Looking down you will find the visual schedule, daily attendance board, and individual behavior chart all conveniently placed at a preschooler's eye level.

The classroom is cozy and each toy and learning resource is 

and organized carefully amongst the musical instruments, dramatic play costumes, scientific experiment materials, play-kitchen, and so much more. Momentarily, you may forget that you are actually inside of Mrs.


Cynthia's beautifully historic home that she has transformed into a most welcoming, safe, and caring learning environment. Mrs. Cynthia teaches with patience and warmth. Her creativity for engaging lesson plans is endless and she successfully is able to include, support, or accommodate each student's specific learning, Mrs. Cynthia goes above and beyond to model respect, manners, and age appropriate social skills.


Mrs. Cynthia sets consistent expectations for her students to follow, which supports positive behavior and creates a calm learning environment. I believe that behavior is communication. Negative behavior including tantrums, shouting, and aggression are often the only way a child knows how to communicate their wants and needs — and Mrs. Cynthia speaks their language fluently. She can resolve a child's tearful outburst while simultaneously providing a teaching moment on problem-solving or turn taking. I can say with confidence that Mrs. Cynthia's students have an advantage as their educational foundation has been shaped to encourage curiosity in learning, independence, and responsibility.


Last, do not be surprised when you begin to notice that Mrs. Cynthia's contagious smile and warmth brings out not only the best in her students, but to all surrounding her. 

MJ Mathis, M Ed

School Design, Instruction, & Early Childhood Education


Just a quick note to formally thank you for inviting me in today and for taking so much of your precious time to answer my questions. Your passion for this work and your expertise are palpable. It is clear that you are a great resource not only for your children, but for the community and your fellow educators.

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