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Instructor: Mrs. Cynthia MB Robinson, M.Ed
Traveling - Commonwealth of PA Notary
Titled Courses Offered:
Professionalism in Family Child Care
Second Helping :
(A Four-Part 32-hour Enrichment Course for Established Family Child Care Professionals)
Beginning a Strategy for my Future:
  • A 7-step Exit Process-Plan
Did I Say What I Think They Heard?
  • Communication
Empowering the Childcare Profession & Professional
  • Empowering the Provider
I'm NOT Okay!
  • All About ME! - Self-Care
Stress-Relief Survival Toolbox
  • A 6-step plan
Other Modules:
  • Association Development (Getting it Right the First Time)
  • Parenting for Emotional Growth
  • Baby Massaging
  • Mindfulness
  • Coaching
  • Accreditation (for Family Childcare facilities through NAFCC)
(Additional coursework can be made available upon request)
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